1. Up to 100 hours / 7 Days Performance
  2. Washable and reusable (Disinfect with alcohol)
  3. Membrane Filtration (99% at 0.075um particle size)
  4. Ultra-thin and breathable
So... Why can't I disinfect my medical/N95 mask again?

Ever wonder why traditional face masks only last for 4~6 hours and can't touch stuff like water & alcohol? Traditional masks work like AA batteries, so they share all the common downsides (limited lifespan & afraid of moisture, water, alcohol).

Our patented Spyderweb™ filter solves this decade-long problem by using membrane technology to capture harmful fine particles instead of relying on electrostatic charge.

Our patented single-cut mask design combined with our highly breathable Spyderweb filter that will make you forget you're wearing a mask at at all. Forget everything you think you know about face masks.

5 Layers of Protection and still extremely breathable.

Airllo mask is made up of 5 layers of protection, with our revolutionary Spyderweb™ sandwiched right in the middle.