When our founder Stanley first returned to Taiwan from Sydney in 2016, he started coughing for almost the entire year. It got so bad that the doctor almost diagnosed him with tuberculosis.

It turned out he wasn't the only one. Coughing has become a common experience shared by many who come to Asia. The air quality was and still is terrible, and it seems to be getting worse all over the world.

He started using masks and air purifiers to alleviate his cough, but it was a very frustrating experience - he noticed that the entire clean air market seemed to revolve around disposable filters, which are not only wasteful, terrible for the environment, but also costly to maintain.

Determined to make sure access to clean, healthy air will not come at the cost to our environment, he decided to create Airllo, to reimagine a new clean air ecosystem centered around reusability and sustainability.

Airllo’s mission is to create clean air sustainably for everyone, everywhere.