Airllo’s Spyderweb™ ePTFE mask was awarded Taiwan's SNQ bronze prize in 2019

Airllo’s Spyderweb™ ePTFE mask was awarded the 22nd SNQ bronze prize for the pandemic prevention category in 2019, the only mask manufacturer to win an award that year. Taiwan’s most important biomedical product certification is the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ). This certification is awarded yearly and is the most trusted symbol of safety and quality for biomedical products and medical services in Taiwan.

Picture from HealthDay
Picture from HealthDay

Taiwan’s President, Tsai-Ing-Wen described this award as the “Oscar of the Biomedical World.” Its national prestige makes it a coveted award that few products and services are able to obtain. It represents the advancement of biomedical technologies, leading-edge innovations,  and the constant improvement of Taiwan’s biomedical product standards. Receiving this award represents the highest honor and affirmation for biomedical products in Taiwan.

The appraiser team consists of 160 scholars and experts that are most renowned in their respective fields. The members consist of deans of major hospitals, presidents of medical schools, and other prestigious medical professionals. The team comes together to select a small number of biomedical products that meets the highest standards of Safety and Quality. 

The appraiser team undergoes a strict evaluation process using objective scientific indicators in order to certify a biomedical product and ensure its quality and safety. Biomedical products are evaluated throughout its production cycle; from raw material, through its manufacturing process, and finally to its quality checks. Compared with other products that have not received the SNQ, products that have received this certification have an added level of assurance since it has been approved through a rigorous scientific process by professionals.

Obtaining the bronze award is the recognition that the product meets or exceeds the quality of similar products made in Taiwan with the SNQ certification and can be recognized as Taiwan’s number one.  

Airllo masks consist of a proprietary Spyderweb ePTFE membrane filter, elastic non-woven fabric, a PE nose strip, and PP non-woven fabric. The Spyderweb ePTFE membrane filter is less than 0.0003 mm in thickness and uses millions of tiny pores to block out harmful particles thus allowing ample air to pass through while maintaining a high level of filtration. Airllo has received lab reports that show >99% efficiency in blocking out particles as small as 0.1 micron.

Stan Lee, the mastermind behind this technology, saw that while the vast majority of medical devices depend on alcohol for disinfection, current medical-grade masks (including N95) can’t be disinfected with alcohol and will only last 4~6 hours before they have to be thrown out. Thus, the journey to solve this problem led to an award-winning, revolutionary technology that combines the capability to withstand 70% alcohol disinfection, long lasting filtration up to 100 hours, and superior breathability.

Unlike melt-blown filters found in traditional medical mask and N95, which rely on electrostatic charge to temporarily attract small particles, Airllo’s Spyderweb membrane filter forms a physical barrier with millions of tiny pores to continuously block out tiny particles, such as bio-aerosols. And because the filtration is achieved with a physical barrier, it can withstand humidity, water or 70% alcohol without losing it’s filtration level (whereas all melt-blown filters would instantly lose their protectiveness).

With an Airllo Mask, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you are well protected, since Airllo masks have received the SNQ award, a national symbol of Safety and Quality.